8 CBD Benefits For Seniors

The years do not stop for anyone and aging is something that all human beings are going to go through. Many of our functions are affected by this and although we cannot stop it, we can take supplements or treatments that help in the loss of our sensory abilities. CBD is one of them.

CBD is known to be a very effective product to combat depression, anxiety or insomnia and these three factors are very present in older people.

Doctors often prescribe medications for these problems, but they are sometimes too strong or heavy for patients. It is also present that part of the aging population prefers to take natural remedies.

Why is it important to find alternatives to medications?

From the WHO they have given the following data

  • More than 20% of people aged 60 years and over have neurological or mental disorders.
  • At this age, the most common disorder is depression (7%), followed by dementia (5%) and anxiety (3.8%).
  • There will be a global increase in the world population over 60 years, from 12% to 22%.

With these data, it is not surprising that CBD is seen as an alternative that may be of interest to many people.

8 CBD benefits for seniors

1- It has no psychoactive effects

Although CBD is obtained through the cannabis plant, this product does not drug those who consume it. If you administer CBD to an older person you will not alter their states of consciousness and there is no risk that they feel out of control

2- It is natural

As we mentioned above it is a completely natural product and this sometimes brings many advantages over drugs.

3- It is approved and registered by the FDA

Nowadays, some laws are changing and there are already CBD products that are registered and approved by the FDA. Setting a positive future for this type of supplement.

4- It has fewer side effects

When you take medication it usually comes with an extensive list of side effects, this with CBD does not happen. Keep in mind that some people may be allergic to CBD, but those who are not can only have minimal side effects such as drowsiness.

5- It is a very versatile product

This means that you can consume CBD in multiple ways and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and your person.

6- Helps control pain

Consuming CBD has been found to be beneficial in treating chronic pain such as arthritis or cancer in some people.

7- Relieve anxiety

Anxiety can get worse as we get older. A study has shown that older people who have consumed CBD have found their anxiety levels much better.

8- Help  with sleep

Some older people have found that CBD has helped them with their sleep problems. Additionally, there is research to suggest that CBD fights insomnia even when there is no anxiety or pain related to it.

Finally, although it has many benefits, make sure you know the person and their health well before administering CBD.

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