Five Tips on How to Choose the Right CBD Product

There are many different CBD products, so it is not surprising that doubts may arise when choosing the right product for us.

Creams, oils, tinctures, capsules … the variety is so great nowadays that we should take into account certain tricks that can help us in the decision.

If you are entering the world of CBD and want to know how to choose a good product, read on.

  1. Make it Full Spectrum

When looking for a hemp CBD product you should opt for “full spectrum” hemp oil, in order to take full advantage of its benefits.

Why full spectrum? A CBD isolate is only pure CBD, and that means that other potential benefits of the entire plant and the rest of the cannabinoids will be lost.

  1. Know where your product has been grown

If we know where the hemp used to obtain CBD comes from, we will also know what type of cultivation has taken place, that is, if it is an organic crop, without pesticides, if it comes from countries that must comply with environmentally friendly regulations, etc.

  1. Look at the lab tests

Laboratory tests are essential to make sure you are getting a good product.

Any serious company will have their lots tested by a reputable independent laboratory.

If they don’t answer your questions or can’t prove they’ve been evaluated by an outside lab, keep looking.

Companies must perform tests for effectiveness, but also for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides and microbes.

  1. Check other ingredients

Transparency is vital for the purchase of your hemp product. See what the company adds to its product, including flavors and sweeteners.

The aromas and sweeteners should be of natural origin, such as orange, walnut oils, etc.

It is recommended to stay away from artificial aromas or corn syrup.

  1. Read customer feedback

Don’t buy anything on the internet without reading at least some customer reviews, and don’t trust vendors who give miraculous medical powers to your product.

Reading other people’s comments about the product can help you make decisions about what to buy, whether you’re looking to treat anxiety or find a pet-friendly hemp CBD oil.

This last tip is very important, the opinions of other people with similar desires to ours will be of great help.


When choosing a product, have on hand all the tips that we have explained in this article. In this way you will make a quality purchase.

In addition you should also know that it is recommended to take a look at the milligrams included in the product you are going to buy (information that should be on the label).

Milligrams of CBD is what counts. If you are a new CBD user, it is recommended to use 2-3 milligrams daily at first.

If you are new to the world of CBD, a tincture is your best option: it is portable, discreet and easy to use. And with just a few drops or sprays on your tongue, it’s easy to keep track of your daily dose.

CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know

Reassuring your pets with CBD is possible today. The medical cannabis market has been regularized, several companies have been working in all areas with cannabis, reaching all sectors that we can imagine.

In this case, we are talking about dogs. On many occasions, we have found our pet terrified by fireworks, loud noises, or simply they are very revolutionized and they need to relax.

Sometimes after certain events, they need to be as calm as possible to have a better and faster recovery.


Fireworks are the most common cause


Dogs do not like loud noises, there are studies from the University of Florida where it is stated that the smell of gunpowder become traumatic for them.

In certain places where it is customary to use fireworks for various celebrations, there is usually an increase in visits to veterinarians due to the scares and stress experienced by our friends.


Probably you have seen on more than one occasion your dog trying to get under the bed, or the table, or behind the curtain and sometimes the get trapped and hurt themself.

To avoid all that, or at least limit it, there is a wide range of dog food products that contain cannabinoids on the market, not only CBD for anxiety but also THC.


Dogs and the endocannabinoid system


Dogs, being mammals like us, have an endocannabinoid system that is reflected in the development of the immune system and in the development of the brain.

Although many vets can tell us that cannabinoids can harm our dog’s liver, it is not entirely true, at least, in 1mg solutions of pure CBD.


The dog shows absolute tranquility, where he seems not to be concerned about the events that usually bother him, total calm and security in him.

We remember that CBD is not psychoactive, so in no way will it be under psychotropic effects.

Remember that a dog’s digestive system is much faster than that of a human, so any medication we will give it will be absorbed much more quickly.


CBD Oil as pain relief


This product will help keep our pet in a good mood and it also helps to limit inflammation, increase hunger, reduce nausea and various pains.

They are mammals to some extent very similar to us, so cannabis oil also helps them for rheumatic pain.

In fact, in dogs that tend to limp due to various conditions, this extract usually gives the animal enough vitality to be able to walk calmly and normally, without manifesting any type of discomfort.

And in severe cases, it gives a noticeable improvement, where the animal has full control of its faculties without being affected by any pain it may have.




CBD oil is possibly a great solution for our dogs. It is a natural product, without side effects and that can restore the health they deserve.

In any case, and although the effects are very positive, you should always check with your vet before giving any kind of supplement to your best friend.

8 CBD Benefits For Seniors

The years do not stop for anyone and aging is something that all human beings are going to go through. Many of our functions are affected by this and although we cannot stop it, we can take supplements or treatments that help in the loss of our sensory abilities. CBD is one of them.

CBD is known to be a very effective product to combat depression, anxiety or insomnia and these three factors are very present in older people.

Doctors often prescribe medications for these problems, but they are sometimes too strong or heavy for patients. It is also present that part of the aging population prefers to take natural remedies.

Why is it important to find alternatives to medications?

From the WHO they have given the following data

  • More than 20% of people aged 60 years and over have neurological or mental disorders.
  • At this age, the most common disorder is depression (7%), followed by dementia (5%) and anxiety (3.8%).
  • There will be a global increase in the world population over 60 years, from 12% to 22%.

With these data, it is not surprising that CBD is seen as an alternative that may be of interest to many people.

8 CBD benefits for seniors

1- It has no psychoactive effects

Although CBD is obtained through the cannabis plant, this product does not drug those who consume it. If you administer CBD to an older person you will not alter their states of consciousness and there is no risk that they feel out of control

2- It is natural

As we mentioned above it is a completely natural product and this sometimes brings many advantages over drugs.

3- It is approved and registered by the FDA

Nowadays, some laws are changing and there are already CBD products that are registered and approved by the FDA. Setting a positive future for this type of supplement.

4- It has fewer side effects

When you take medication it usually comes with an extensive list of side effects, this with CBD does not happen. Keep in mind that some people may be allergic to CBD, but those who are not can only have minimal side effects such as drowsiness.

5- It is a very versatile product

This means that you can consume CBD in multiple ways and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and your person.

6- Helps control pain

Consuming CBD has been found to be beneficial in treating chronic pain such as arthritis or cancer in some people.

7- Relieve anxiety

Anxiety can get worse as we get older. A study has shown that older people who have consumed CBD have found their anxiety levels much better.

8- Help  with sleep

Some older people have found that CBD has helped them with their sleep problems. Additionally, there is research to suggest that CBD fights insomnia even when there is no anxiety or pain related to it.

Finally, although it has many benefits, make sure you know the person and their health well before administering CBD.

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